Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control is working harder than ever before to slow the tide of animals coming into the city shelter–and to save the lives of those needing special care to survive.
But we can’t do it alone. It takes a community of caring people to make life better for the neediest animals in our city. Can you help?

On Giving Tuesday, any donation up to $10,000 will be matched by TWO generous donors! There simply is no better time to donate.

Your gift will help support care for puppies like Missy’s orphans and support the effort we made to save her life as well.

Your gift will help mend dogs like 11-year old Guera to keep them with their loving owners, like Leo.

Your gift will fix broken limbs like Zoey’s, that, once healed, enabled her to go to a new life in Wisconsin.

Your gift will give a second chance to smoke inhalation victims like Oreo, giving him a devoted family to tend to his needs after the fire.

Your gift will also mean new hope to all those working at Chicago’s city shelter who face this kind of drama daily, and to the volunteers who make up Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Please help make Giving Tuesday 2019 a day to remember! Donate now at