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Help with Skip’s Hip Surgery!!!dog-for-adoption-skip

Skip is a 4 year old lab mix confiscated from his mentally ill owner. Sadly, Skip has been limping from a poorly performed hip surgery done years ago. In order to allow Skip to live pain free he required another surgery to clean up the bone fragments and debris in his hip joint with a cost of $2,200. Please consider donating for Skip’s surgery!!

Skip and his canine housemates were living in what was described as hoarder conditions. Piles of junk and¬†trash created the only path for police to walk through. The stench of urine and feces could be smelled outside the apartment and the floors were covered in feces. The owner was so mentally ill he was unable to care for himself let alone the dogs. Skip has scars from dog bites and an old poorly done hip surgery which is causing him mobility issues. He was paralyzed with fear when we first met him and wouldn’t walk or move. Thankfully, he had Safe Humane Chicago on his side. His work with their volunteers, and other dogs in playgroup, while at the shelter has allowed Skip to start trusting again. You can see who he is a little better now. A happy, loving and trusting boy who is slowly realizing he’s free from his traumatic past. We’ll be doing our best not to dwell on what Skip may have gone through, what insanity he may have witnessed or how absolutely terrified he must have been. With your donations to help cover his medical bills we can stay focused on his well being, surrounding him with love, good food, a clean bed and canine siblings to give him the confidence he needs.

Thanks for helping Skip move on to the next chapter of his life!!